Fireproof Ministries exists to bring people to the Lord as well as train and develop people to meet the unmet needs of the world through culturally relevant programs and ideas.


Over the years some of the hardest soil for our message to penetrate has been the local church audience. At first glance, most wouldn’t think that the church would be a difficult place to talk about sex and God’s plan for our lives in him, especially in regards to topics like accountability and grace. But in the 9 years since we began XXXchurch, there has been a good amount of resistance to our non-mainstream message and the local church has been as difficult of an audience to capture as any secular one.

Because of this reality, we feel the need to highlight several church partnerships that have been a huge blessing to as we have continued to pursue our specific calling to ministry which God has given us. While many churches have hosted one time events, these particular churches financially support the ongoing work of the ministry. Some of them have strategically partnered with us to provide teams of people and resources to do porn convention outreaches. Each of these churches have hosted events and worked hard in unique and meaningful ways to catapult the message of the grace of Christ through their ongoing ministries and the ministries of XXXchurch.


We sincerely thank each of these forward thinking churches and look forward to the continuing partnerships in the future!

Bridgeway Christian Church in Rocklin, CA - Lance Hahn, Sr. Pastor
Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale, FL - Bob Coy, Sr. Pastor
Central Christian Church in Metro Phoenix area, Arizona - Cal Jernigan, Sr. Pastor
Eastlake Community Church in Bothel, WA - Ryan Meeks, Sr. Pastor
LifeChurch in Oklahoma - Craig Groschel, Sr. Pastor
Oasis Church in Los Angeles, CA - Philip Wagner, Sr. Pastor
Relevant Church in Oakhurst, NJ - Jeff Borkoski., Sr. Pastor
The Rock Church in San Diego, CA - Mile McPherson, Sr. Pastor
SouthBrooke Christian Church in Miamisburg, OH - Charlie McMahan, Sr. Pastor

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