Fireproof Ministries exists to bring people to the Lord as well as train and develop people to meet the unmet needs of the world through culturally relevant programs and ideas.


Donating online to Fireproof Ministries is simple. You can make a one time donation or set up monthly giving online. All donations are 100% tax deductible and receipts will be mailed out at the every year at the end of January.


You can also donate by mail:

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Fireproof Ministries is a registered 501(c)3 organization established in California. We have provided our most recent Income & Expense statements on our finance page so our supporters and fans can see how the dollars are being utilized for ministry. Our tendency is to believe we do A LOT to stretch the impact of the money we have available, but we will let you decide on that for your self.

We are blessed by the involvement of our donors, and cannot achieve the things we do without them. Each has their own story as to why they give, and we’d like to share with you a couple of them:
For all of my life I've always believed that tithing is not just giving back to God what was already his but is a true & genuine investment in people.  While all ministries do good things with money given to them by congregants, some ministries do GREAT things!  XXXChurch is one of those ministries! XXXChurch is one of those rare ministries that focuses on areas in all of our lives that is very private & very hard to talk about, especially in church.  XXXChurch is the 1st of it's kind that talks specifically about porn from both sides (porn star & the viewer, men & women) & the sometimes devastating effect is has in men & women's lives over a long period of time.  All of this is done through Christ's message in the most nonjudgmental & loving way.

To sum up my thoughts quickly, an investment in XXXChurch is an excellent & effective investment in people.  Don't hesitate to be a part of one of the most new, exciting, engaging & effective ministries to date. I definitely view my tithing/donations to XXXChurch as one of the best investments I've ever made in spreading God's love to those that are lost & don't expect to find God.

Thanks & God Bless!!

We give to Fireproof Ministries because we are interested in seeing our contributions go toward meeting the spiritual needs of some of the most desperate and marginalized people in this world: the producers and consumers of the sex industry.  Not only does Fireproof speak to a church that needs revival in the way it approaches issues regarding “sin,” but it also speaks to a country and a world that needs faith but has been turned off by the judgmental church.  If you want to live with Christ, you need to go where he went, and he certainly wasn’t hanging out with those who judge, ridicule, ostracize, and condemn.  Indeed, Jesus was with those who were confused, lost, addicted, and hurt.  We give to Fireproof because it isn’t on the periphery of the struggle for hope; it’s right in the middle where all of us as Christians should be.

-Steven and Rundi
As a former sex worker and former Pastor's wife, I cannot do justice in explaining how valuable the ministry of Fireproof is.  The umbrella of ministry covers all who hurt - from HeartSupport to Strip Church to XXXChurch, this is truly an endeavor of Christ-centered love and compassion, which I wish I had when I was in the grips of my time within the industry and married to someone in bondage to porn and depression. My stewardship towards Fireproof is my most cheerful form of giving.  Those who give, truly understand what Christ intended for us to do with our resources.


We support Fireproof because, first and foremost, this organization reflects the heart of Jesus for broken people.  Craig and his team are seeking to show those caught up in the world of porn that Jesus loves them without condemnation.  Fireproof offers compassion and love for those who are hurting, and with a message of truth for those who are misled.  This is exactly what Jesus did -- the Bible says Jesus came "full of grace and truth" (John 1:14).  Fireproof is succeeding because they bring equal measures of God's grace and truth to both the providers and the consumers within the sex industry.

-Matthew & Cindy

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